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This is the personal website of Toronto-based journalist Saleem Khan who specializes in immersive and spatial journalism [virtual, augmented and mixed reality / VR, AR, MR, XR], and other innovative and emergent media, data and investigative journalism. His editorial work chiefly focuses on technology, business and international affairs.

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Saleem Khan is an award-winning journalist and digital news pioneer with a passion for the public interest.

He is the founder of JOVRNALISM, a consultancy and professional resource for immersive and spatial journalism [VR/ AR/ MR/ XR], editor and project leader at invstg8.net ["Investigate Net"], and leads Toronto-based editorial services, consulting, and research and development practice Technovica, specializing in strategic innovation in media enabled by emergent and disruptive technology.

He is an adviser to the joint Google, Knight Foundation, and Online News Association Journalism 360 VR/AR and immersive journalism initiative as well as the ONA Ethics committee where he co-wrote the industry-leading Social Newsgathering Ethics Code, and is the sole international elected judge of the Investigative Reporters & Editors. Saleem is program director of Innovate News, a Kiplinger Fellow, a member of the OpenNews / Knight Mozilla News Lab; and advises media startups around the world whose work ranges from real-time interactive data visualization to information and communications security.

In his reporting and writing, Saleem primarily covers the leading edge of innovation, technology and the Internet, and their impact on business, culture and society. He works independently for major international and Canadian news outlets.

Saleem previously launched The Conversation context-and-analysis journalism startup in Canada, where he was concurrently technology, science, environment, energy and emergent platforms editor, building the Canadian digital news outlet's audience from zero to one-million readers a month.

Earlier, he launched and managed the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's technology news service as its first correspondent, producing news and features and reporting on-air for the publicly funded national broadcast and online news organization.

Before the CBC recruited him, Saleem was the global technology editor, Canadian national bureau chief and news editor for Metro International, the world's largest global newspaper and the biggest in Canada by circulation. As at September 2006, Metro was the largest and fastest growing international newspaper in the world, with daily editions in over 100 major cities in 21 countries in 19 languages around the world, more than 18.5 million daily readers and over 37.5 million weekly readers.

Prior to being asked to join Metro, Saleem reported for major international and Canadian news and business media. His work has appeared in outlets that include the New York Times, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post newspapers, and Report On Business and Fast Company magazines. He also edited news for Toronto Star owned daily Today and weekly Eye.

In addition to being selected as a Kiplinger Fellow in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State University, and a Unity Ford Fellow, he has won honours for news innovation in the Knight Mozilla News Technology Design Challenge, Knight Mozilla News Innovation Challenge, and the African News Innovation Challenge. He was also a finalist for the OpenNews fellowship and a semifinalist in the Knight News Challenge.

Saleem spent the first decade of this century as chairman and director of the Canadian Association of Journalists, leading it from its worst times to the best in its 30-year history. Under his tenure, the CAJ grew to become Canada's largest national professional organization for journalists working in all media and saw its greatest successes in advocacy, education, membership and membership growth, and financial stability since it was founded in 1978. Saleem was a founding director of the Canadian Journalists' Education Foundation and a director of the John H. McDonald Journalism Foundation, charities that promote and fund journalism education, training and awareness of the public's right to information.

Saleem is regularly invited by conference organizers, media outlets, major corporations and schools to speak to them and offer strategic insight on immersive and spatial media such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality; technology developments and trends, issues and innovation in journalism, emergent and disruptive media, and professional and public communications and their ethics.

Starting with a January 2007 news report from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Saleem investigated unwanted, untested or problematic free and trial software that comes preinstalled on new computers, introducing a new word to the English launguage in the process: Craplets. It was rapidly adopted by the technology community and news media including the Wall Street Journal, and quickly gained popularity, going from no references in Internet searches before the story ran on Jan. 10, to some 100,000 references within weeks.

Saleem's craplets coverage triggered a storm of industry and media debate about their controversial use, vaulted the word onto eWeek's top technology buzzwords list; inspired a TV, print and online advertising campaign for Apple computers; became the basis of an anti-craplet crusade by prominent Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg, and ultimately led Dell to introduce its line of Vostro computers that it says are free of craplets or "trialware."



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